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From What If to What Next

Jun 20, 2022

Welcome to our 54th episode, our 54th journey into the future that is still possible, just.  But before I tell you more, a suggestion, as you'll hear in the episode, that this episode will be a lot more enjoyable, and a fuller experience, if you listen to it in a space with fresh bread being baked. So if you've never made bread before, here is a link with an easy-to-make recipe. Good luck!


And so to our episode. It's all about bread, and the role that good, nutritious bread, made from wheat grown well, could play in transforming the world around us. Our guests are Andrew Whitley and Catriona Milligan. They share with us a vision of a future that is delicious in so many ways. I hope you love this episode and do let me know what you thought, and what imaginings it inspired for you.


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