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From What If to What Next

Apr 4, 2023

Today's episode brings a big idea, like a really BIG idea, one that you may initially need to suspend disbelief in order to settle into but which, hopefully, by the end, you'll be fizzing with the possibilities of.

I'm joined by Della Duncan, Renegade Economist, host of the Upstream Podcast, a Right Livelihood Coach, founding member of the California Doughnut Economics Coalition, and so much more, and also by Jennifer Hinton, a systems researcher and activist in the field of sustainable economy who is currently a researcher at Lund University, in Sweden, and a senior research fellow at the Schumacher Institute.

This is a conversation that creates the space for you to really reevaluate some of the fundamental assumptions upon which our economy is built. As always, I'd love to know what you think...