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From What If to What Next

Mar 4, 2024

Here in the UK, the Right to Roam has been pushed into the news headlines by the activities of Dartmoor landowner Alexander Darwall, who just announced that he is appealing the recent victory for campaigners who overturned the ban on wild camping that he brought in last year. His actions have triggered a beautifully colourful and well-supported campaign, and growing political support. This week we bring together Nadia Shaikh and Lewis Winks, both of whom campaign for a right to roam, to explore what it could actually be like to have a right to roam, how it would impact society, the natural world, and our collective ability to 'see things as if they could be otherwise'. It's a delightful conversation. Do excuse our not-quite-so-perfect-as-usual sound quality, our Producer Ben is away on holiday so we've had to improvise! And, as always, do let us know what you think...


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