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From What If to What Next

Apr 6, 2022

When it comes to building food security, biodiversity, employment, spaces that are good for mental health, and so much more besides, we are missing a huge opportunity. Our cities contain many square kilometres of flat roof spaces, currently visited by a few pigeons and that's about it. But what if they were transformed into vibrant vegetable gardens, public spaces for events, places for communities to meet? And what would creating a vibrant network of such gardens unlock? I'm fascinated by the idea that comes up in this podcast of a network of bridges connecting them, a whole new way to get around a city.


So meet my guests, Paola Krug (here is a link to the guidebook she co-wrote) and Katrien Ligt (you can follow her Hamburg work on Instagram here), both of whom are doing amazing work transforming rooftops. You'll never look at a flat roof in the same way ever again. Enjoy. And do let us know what you thought of this episode.


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